Global Diversification, Focused Exposure

Our portfolios offer intelligent, focused exposure in the context of global diversification. By not restricting our investment universe to a small subset of opportunities such as US stocks, we’re able to strive for the most efficient portfolios possible (i.e. more return per unit of risk).

Our portfolios are designed with your needs in mind and tailored for each account's return requirements, income needs, size, and tax situation. 

We incorporate sophisticated macroeconomic analysis in order to make suitable tactical shifts in allocation so your portfolio is positioned to benefit in an ever-changing set of market circumstances. Macro factors are particularly relevant because the majority of performance differences between managers is explained by macro allocation factors rather than differences in stock selection.

We dynamically rebalance portfolios, returning them to target allocations, in a manner sensitive to your tax situation. Our strength lies in our integrated approach, which takes your complete finance picture into account. 

We utilize model portfolios to form a dynamic, low-cost "passive core" for our clients. We further augment these portfolios by providing institutional-quality alternative investment programs, with allocations to private equity, managed futures, hedge funds, property, unlisted debt, and structured notes. These asset classes typically enhance return, protect against market downturns, and protect against inflation – making your portfolio more robust.