Your Fixed Income Portfolio Should Be Customized

  1. Own bonds directly. We believe the best way to own fixed income is directly (i.e. own underlying bonds directly. If the purpose of your fixed income portfolio is to provide stability and income, then owning bonds in this way reduces your exposure to liquidation risk, the risk that other investors selling holdings (possibly because of a rise in interest rates) in a fund will cause the fund to liquidate holding at an unfavorable price.

  2. Reduce Fees. With treasury yields in the low single digits, you can’t afford to pay mutual fund fees and wrap / account management fees. Direct ownership means you only pay a single management fee.

  3. Manage Tax Exposure. We tailor non-AMT fixed income portfolios for your tax jurisdiction.

  4. Asset-Liability Matching. We can tailor the duration and maturities of your portfolio to match planned liabilities.

  5. Tactical Asset Allocation. We incorporate cutting-edge macroeconomic analysis in our process. We augment credit and duration profiles to take advantage of these insights.